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Cream Bleach 1+1

Client Benefits:

• Protective Oils Guard The Skin & Hair From Chemical Agression
• Gentiler Lift For Soft Natural Looking Blondes
• Hydrates For More Elasticity
• Even & Consistant Results
• Leaves Hair Feeling Soft
• Creates Natural Tone Highlights

Created For:

• Professional Salon De-Coloration, Blonding & High-Lightening Services
• Gentile 4-6 Level Bleaching
• De-Pigmentation

Created With:

• Clean Air Gentle Care Low-Pka1 Alkaline Salt Neo-Technology
• A-Bkc Complex
• Formulated With No Ammonia, No Mea Added For Healthier Hair & Safety



This conditioning cream lightener can easily and gently lift up to 5-6 levels with a single application, is ideal for on scalp bleaching treatments as well as free-hand high-lightening techniques.
Natural conditioning and barrier oils protect while the ultra-lightening factors work on lifting the melanin molecules to the desired levels.
The anti-yellow features work to neutralize warm hues from inside-out, giving it excellent toning capabilities. The creamy emollient formula gives the colorist an unlimited array of lightening technical options and application control.

• Multiple Bleach Applications To Arrive To Maximum Lift; During application keep the product warm (Ideal is Body Temperature) and every 15-20 minutes, remove excess bleach and re-apply freshly mixed bleach, gently and evenly working it into the existing bleach on the hair.
• Every 15-20 minutes keep applying fresh bleach to the darker areas until lifted to desired level. Try not to let hair sit without refreshing more than the recommended 15-20 minutes. This will cut down on the overall length of processing time and the time bleach is on the hair and skin. Once arrived at desired level you can rinse and lightly shampoo, tone and condition.

CREAM BLEACH 1+1 is recommended for gentle bleaching on medium to fine hair with lower volume % developers. You can use the multiple application methods with CREAM BLEACH.

BLUE BLEACH 1+2 is recommended for stronger lift on medium to coarse heavy hair with higher volumes % of Developer. You can use the multiple application methods with BIG BLUE BLEACH.
NOTE: When lifting to a level 10-11 pale yellow, you can use BIG PRO.COLOR ULTRA LIGHT BLONDE 11 Series at 30 Volume 9% on medium-fine hair or 40 Volume 12% on medium coarse heavier hair to lift the extra levels and tone to a beautiful platinum white without further aggression to the hair fibers within 10-15 minutes.