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Blue Bleach Dust Free 1+2

Client Benefits:

•No Ammonia Or MEA Vapors
• Formulated With No Ammonia Or MEA Added For Healthier Hair, Healthier Environment
• Leaves Hair With Elasticity
• Even & Consistant Results
• Less Agressive
• More Neutral & Natural Results

Created For:

• Professional Salon Bleaching, De-Coloration, Blonding And High-Lightening Services
• Standard 7-8 Level Bleaching
• De-Pigmentation

Created With:

• Clean Air Gentle Care Low-Pka1 Alkaline Salt Neo-Technology
• A-Bkc Complex
• Formulated With No Ammonia, No Mea Added For Healthier Hair & Safety



SAFER CLASSIC HIGH-LIFT LIGHTENING POTENTIALS combined with Anti-Volatile and Anti-Yellow control systems offer the professional colorist control and security.
Formulated with Ammonia & MEA Free, Low-pKa1 ALKALINE SALTS Biotechnologies making these bleaching tools less toxic for the environment, the professional and clients without compromising performance.
Enriched with A-BkC Complex to fight anti-radicals and impart reconstructive conditioning and strengthening action to the cortex of the hair while also forming a protective natural shielding film on the surface of the hair to smoothen and soothe the cuticle.

BLUE BLEACH 1+2 Formulated with Biodegradable Polyglycol-Dust-Inhibitor Technology.
This anti-volatile technology creates a dust-free molecular composition with rapid bleaching action that lifts up to 7 levels, making it ideal for lightening darker base shades that require a higher lift concentration.
This ammonia, MEA free, pH balanced formula adheres well, at ideal room temp. of 74° does not swell or expand to assist in preventing or minimizing overlapping. The Micronized Blue Pigment Technology creates a unique combination of lightening + toning for visibly clearer & cooler blonde results.

Professional Size Economy, Maxi Format Ecology
An Environmental Approach to Reduce Over 75% Packaging Waste
Plus Excellent Savings for better profit margins!