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Client Benefits:

• Bleaches While Regenerating The Hair Fiber
• Restructures For Stronger, Healthier Hair
• Hydrates For More Elasticity
• Even & Consistant Results
• Less Agressive Maximum Performance
• Leaves Hair Integral
• More Neutral Tone Hair Lightening
• Lighter Results In Less Time

Created For:

• Professional Salon De-Coloration, Blonding & High-Lightening Services
• Supreme 9 Level Bleaching
• De-Pigmentation

Created With:

• Fos Polymer Bond Building Molecules
• Clean Air Gentle Care Low-Pka1 Alkaline Salt Neo-Technology
• A-Bkc Complex
• Formulated With Low Ammonia, No Mea For Healthier Hair And Safety



BIG PROFESSIONAL has developed a new powder lightener that ensures 8/9 levels of lift and outstanding protective properties. This new FOS Bond Building Bleach leaves hair incredibly soft and the hair structure remains supple and elastic even after total lightening. This low Ammonia-, MEA-free formulation adheres well, at 74° ideal ambient temperature does not swell or expand preventing overlap. Now you can go lighter and still maintain the perfect integrity, vibrancy and quality of their hair strands with guaranteed results!

Instructions for use:
Mixing ratio 1:2 with 10vol. (3%) – 20vol. (6%) – 30vol. (9%) or 40vol. (12 %) OXY BONDER developer.
SUPER SONIC BOND BLEACH ensures 5/6 levels of lift in approx. 45’ and 8-9 levels of lift in less than 90’ at room temperature (22°Celsius) (72°Fahrenheit).
9 levels of lift can be attained in approx. 60’ by using a gentle heat source to maintain a 37-39°Celsius, (body temperature) (98.6°-102.2°Fahrenheit). “Regularly control the temperature to make sure it is not too hot”! 9 levels of lift in approx. 60’-70’ minutes is also possible at room temperature, by removing excess bleaching emulsion with a towel every 20’ minutes and refreshing the applied bleach with a freshly mixed bleaching mixture for an additional 20’, i.e. refreshing, re-activating the existing bleach mixture every 20’ minutes until achieving the desired result.
N.B. Processing times and volumes will vary according to hair fiber density and if applied to natural (non-chemically treated) or previously tinted or bleached hair.

When lightening, we recommend to regularly checking the hair during processing time, until you obtain the desired level. As you know, the lightening process – and consequently the processing time – depends on several factors as temperature, hair structure, developer volumes etc.
Lightened hair can be pigmented immediately after by rinsing the lightening emulsion with tepid water, lightly washing the hair with BIG BACK BAR Post Color Shampoo pH4.5, towel dry then evenly applying a direct non-oxidation color or activated toner to obtain any fashionable color tones.