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Client Benefits:

• An Excellent No Commitment Color Service
• Dermatologically Tested Hypoallergenic
• Healthy, Shiny Hair With Beautiful Tone
• Ideal For Temporary Coloring On Porous, Damaged And Dehydrated Hair
• Versatile; From Elegant Soft Pastel To Intense & Trendy Results
• The Safest Color Choice That Eventually Washes Away

Created For:

• Change Or Intensify The Natural Base Tone ALKALINE DIRECTS
• Create Temporary Avant-garde Trend E ect
• Deposit Gentle Pastels And Natural Mattes Or Illuminate Highlights
• Tone Bleached Blondes & Natural Blondes
• Color Corrections and Pre-Pigmentation
• Mix Shades To Create Personalized Color Blends
• Perform Oxidation To Direct Color Blending

Created With:

• FOS Polymer Bond Building Molecules
• Formulated For Healthier Hair And Safety




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Big Color Direct is an alkaline direct color-bond building conditioning system. The collection has 10 concentrated shades. These direct deposit shades can produce amazing colors, change or intensify the natural base tone, create avant-garde effects or gentle natural pastels and highlights.

When you want to create a lighter color shade or a pastel tone, gradually add the standard color to the 000.Pastel shade in a bowl until the desired shade is achieved. To darken, intensify, deepen or create more matte color shades gradually add .111Black to the standard color until the desired richness and darkness is achieved.

For longer lasting direct pigmentation: Apply the BIG Color Direct on clean and dry hair for more intensive results or moist hair for softer results. Spread color evenly throughout hair and comb color through with wide-tooth comb. Cover with plastic cap and place under a gentle heat source. Processing time 10–15 minutes depending on desired density and or intensity.

To pigment pre-lightened hair treated with bleach: apply the BIG Color Direct on clean and dry hair for more intensive results or moist hair for softer results, leave it on for 2 to 10 minutes while constantly checking for desired shade intensity.

Pre-pigmentation: choose a BIG Color Direct shade according to the color you want to obtain and apply it on lengths and ends; comb to remove the excess product then directly apply the BIG PRO Color shade desired.

N.B. When the cuticle layer is damage and raised you could find that these large molecules become trapped, making it more difficult for the color to wash away, in this case use the color more sparingly.



.111 BLACK

.18 IRON


.33 GOLD


.66 RED