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Client Benefits:

• Provides Defense Against Chemical Aggression To Hair And Skin. • Clients can rest assured you are providing the safest and most comfortable services, possible itching, tingling, redness and burning are a thing of the past! • Previously chemically damaged hair now has an extra advantage thanks to TOTAL PROTECT’s concentrated bond boosting capabilities.


• Active Ellagic Acid derived from pomegranate, potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging abilities, helps to increase the body’s own built-in antioxidant glutathione, which also helps protect cells from free radical damage.
• Essential Aloin, a bioactive compound in Aloe Vera that has various pharmacological activities, such as anti-inflammatory effects and protective effects against induced oxidative stress on human skin.
• Essential Bisabolol has a high panthenol concentration, it can effectively stimulate and promote the skin’s healing process and has anti-inflammatory, anti-erythema (reddening of the skin) and anti-pruritic (itchiness) properties.
• GLDA-GLUTAMIC ACID has excellent skin protection, conditioning and moisturizing properties. It also acts as a neutralizer to heavy metals.
• Fos Polymer Bond Building Molecules


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Your clients comfort & wellbeing is as important as the beautiful result

TOTAL PROTECT All-In-One has 5 SUPER SONIC advantages over the multitude of chemical process protection or bond building products on the professional market:

1. Antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties sooth and protect the scalp, reducing burning, itching, irritation or any form of discomfort during professional chemical straightening, perming, coloring or bleaching services.
2. FOS bond building glucose based esters give an extra, concentrated reinforcement to molecular bond protection and reconstruction during professional chemical straightening, perming, coloring or bleaching services.
3. GLDA poly-Y-glutamic acid greatly decreases the side effects of hair dye molecules, providing greater defense against potential color pigment irritation or intolerance.
4. Simple targeted application: you do not add TOTAL PROTECT to the cosmetic chemical mixture used, You apply prior to chemical application and processing, by spraying directly to the areas of the scalp prone to irritation and to the hair where supplementary bond building and protection is required.
5. Does not dilute or modify in any way the performance of the cosmetic chemical product used.