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DETOX pH8.5 Purifying Clarifying Treatment

Client Benefits:

• Deep Cleans & Clarities Without Stripping Or Dehydrating
• Eliminates Buildups And Toxins
• Helps Remove & Neutralize Chlorine, Mineral, Iron & Metallic Residuals
• Prepares The Hair For Professional Treatments
• Has Anti-Free-Radical, Antioxidant Properties
• Purifies Scalp & Hair Pollutant Contamination
• Leaves The Hair With A Fresh Clean Natural Fragrance

Created For:

• Pre Chemical Opening Of The Cuticle
• In Salon Clairifying & Purifying Treatment
• Neutralization Of Heavy Metals, Minerals, Chlorine & MEA
• Pre-Prep Prior To Direct Pigmentation And Conditioning Reconstructive Treatments
• Is Complementary To All Bonding Services

Created With:

• No Sulfates
• No Parabens
• No Sodium Chloride
• Gentle Natural Low Foaming Agents
• Natural Non-Ionic Surfactants
• FOS Polymer Bond Building Molecules


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Cleanses and clarifies the hair and scalp.

This nonaggressive alkalinizing shampoo is to be used before specialized technical treatments and services. It cleanses and clarifies the hair and scalp. It distends the hair shaft, opens the cuticles in preparation to receive the desired treatment (smoothing, permanent waving, direct pigmentation and hair conditioning reconstitution treatments etc. It cleanses and eliminates any greasy, oily buildup, water resistant coatings or silicone substances that can create a screen, thus allowing the best absorption of all technical treatments.