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Client Benefits:

• Rebuilds, Strengthens & Fortifies Damage From The Inside-Out
• Gently Eliminates All Chemical Residues
• Neutralizes Alkalinity Normalizing The pH Levels
• Conditions & Hydrates For More Elasticity
• Closes The Cuticles Promoting Shine & Lustrue
• Non Stripping, Protects & Seals In Color Deposit
• Has Anti-Free-Radical, Antioxidant Properties
• Protects Against Heat Styling Instruments And Uv Rays
• Leaves The Hair With A Fresh Clean Natural Fragrance

Created For:

• Post Chemical pH Balancing
• In Salon Chemical Service Closure
• The Perfect Complement To All Bonding Services
• Correcting Previous Color/Chemical Damage

Created With:

• No Sulfates
• No Parabens
• No Sodium Chloride
• Gentle Natural Low Foaming Agents
• Natural Non-Ionic Surfactants
• Fos Polymer Bond Building Molecules
• A-Bkc Complex
• Zero Impact Technology


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Bond Building ZERO IMPACT TECHNOLOGY makes it possible to obtain easily biodegradable products, thanks to the use of high-eco-compatible raw materials and surfactants, derived from renewable and natural sources such as glucose and coconut oil.

BACK BAR, COLOR CARE Post-Color Shampoo pH4.5 Specific shampoo Post-coloration for chemically treated hair, is essential to setting and maintaining cosmetic hair color, while keeping hair elastic, soft and lustrous.

BACK BAR, COLOR CARE Post-Color Conditioner pH4.0 Specific Conditioning Post-Color MASK that reconstructs bonds and offers intensive re-hydration and comb-ability.

BACK BAR, COLOR CARE Post-Color ColorFix Leave-in Spray pH3.5 Intensive Post-Color treatment spray, multi-action, leave-in neutralizes alkalinity and gives immediate body and vitality to the hair.