Unimix is based on Reverse Engineering Technology. This technology reproduces original industrial mixing systems and the 36/38° temperature used during the actual manufacturing of the coloring cream. Easy to use Unimix guarantees a quick and accurate preparation, a result obtained thanks to thermal gradation, the mixing bowl made of 316L passivated steel (the same alloy of large industrial mixers), the Plexiglas protective bowl cover and the cylinder mixing magnet that reproduces the industrialized blending systems.

All of this allows for the perfect homogenization of the pigments, active ingredients and formula conveyors.


Automated mechanical mixing of UNIMIX allows to obtain an extraordinary emulsion that ensures the uniform distribution of all active ingredients in the product on the hair and on the skin, both in the case of coloring and treatments.

When used with the hair dye, the result will be a homogeneous emulsion to give the hair a brighter, long lasting and covering color, allowing an easier and more precise application, intense bleaching power and to save up to 20% more product.

To achieve maximum effectiveness of the dye cream, bleaching powder or any other curative product, a very important factor is the right dose of the various components in the mixing: the scale allows us to obtain perfection, calibrating weights for each component in the best way possible.


Unimix reduces the time for colour application by at least 30%.


Thanks to the achievement of the optimum temperature of 36/38 °C, UniMix decreases the risk of scalp sensitivity due to color application , eliminates the thermal shock effects on the scalp and, used under any circumstance, gives the customer an incomparable wellbeing experience. And thanks to the plexiglass protective bowl cover UNIMIX eliminates the initial Ammonia Vapors during the mixing process while using SUPER SONIC BIG PRO.COLOR for 100% Ammonia Vapor Reduction.


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